Terms and Conditions


Acceptance of Terms of Usage

The terms set forth govern your access to and use of this Sign2Print website. By accessing Sign2Print, you agree to be bound by guidelines, rules, restrictions, and any additional terms provided by the website and all its services offered.

Sign2Print reserves the right to make changes to its site and terms of use at any given time without prior notice; please read these terms carefully. Except otherwise required by law, your access to our use of the site constitutes your acceptance of all the provisions set forth within these Terms of Usage.

Additionally, this agreement includes that we may provide all legal communications as well as notifications to you electronically via our website or the email you provided when you registered. You may suspend such electronic communications by contacting customer care, however doing so will discontinue your use of your account.



The terms, conditions, and transactions occurring on Sign2Print website and/or by phone are subject to the laws of the state of California. Sign2Print is not responsible for the delay nor damages resulting from mechanical failure, acts of God, governmental or otherwise actions such as war, riot seizure, and embargo. All tools on www.Sign2Print.com are property of Sign2Pint and its affiliate companies. The buyer’s order shall be deemed an acceptance of the seller (Sign2Print) terms. 



All orders are subject to acceptance by Sign2Print. We reserve the right to reject any order(s) at any time without notice as well as change prices on such order(s) after we receive them.



Due to the nature of our products, no returns can be made once the order is finalized and/or shipped. Any claims for defects, damages or shortages must be made in writing within two (2) business days after receipt. We will only replace order that were incorrectly processed and will process said replacement upon receipt of merchandise. If it is determined that the order was misused or otherwise mishandled by the buyer, Sign2Prtint reserves the right to not provide replacement.


Credit Card

In the case that the buyer’s credit card is declined, Sign2Print will not process the order. If the order is shipped and the buyer’s account becomes delinquent, the buyer agrees to pay a monthly financial charge of 2% (annual percentage rate of 24%) on the unpaid balance should the account go beyond the payment term’s due date unless specific arrangements are made prior. Future purchases on such accounts will require advance payment. In the event that Sign2Pint must commence legal action to enforce any terms of this agreement, the buyer agrees to be responsible for all legal fees and costs. 



Sign2Print does not provide warranty or accepts responsibility after products have been replaced. We also cannot guarantee replacement of specific products or credit the amount of the purchase price. 



Sign2Print follows terms of F.O.B or “free on board” which is a designation used to indicate when liability and ownership of goods is transferred from a seller to buyer. The buyer shall be fully responsible for shipping and handling costs. We will not be responsible for any delay, loss or damage of the order once it is shipped. 


Limitation of Liability:

Sign2Print shall not be liable by contract or tort (including negligence) to the customer for incidental or consequential damages arising or resulting from anyone’s performance or nonperformance of our obligations. We will also not be liable for any form of financial losses, costs, expenses, or damages (including legal costs) on account of any and all manner of claims, demands, actions, and proceeding that may be initiated against Sign2Print and its affiliated companies in addition any allegations that said work violates any copyrights, trademarks, ans service marks perceived as improper or invasive to any person’s privacy or virtue. 

Cancellations and Refunds:

Sign2Print and its affiliate companies reserves the right to not provide refunds for orders that have been shipped or cancelled after being processed.